Look Out! Here Are the Things that Slow Down Your Computer

Your computer slows down for number of reasons, but one thing for sure this is because we use them. As you install extension, download program, create files and surf the web, you create virtual detritus which will influence your PC’s performance.

5 Reasons Why Your Computer Is Slowing Down

If you keep wondering what are the things that slow down your computer, here are the most common reasons why your computer is slowing down.

#1 Too Many Startup Programs

Recently downloaded programs frequently try to make their way to your login items (in Mac) or startup menu (in Windows). When you are installing them and did not uncheck the selection for this permission, you will end up having so many unnecessary programs competing to be ready and running right after your computer is booting.

#2 Failed Hard Drive

When your hard drive is coming to the end of its lifespan, there is possibility that it will affect your computer’s performance too. It is actually a common issue since hard drive has a high chance to failing after two until three years of regular use.

However, if you utilize SSD or Solid-State Drives in your computer, you may not experience such things in short period of time after buying the computer. This is because SSD has longer lifespan which is about eight to ten years.

#3 Your Hard Drive Is Full

Even when it is 95% full, it is possible that your computer will slow down by approximately 50%. In this case, the things that slow down your computer are actually the inability of your computer to save temporary files to operate your computer programs.

When it happens, doing a deep clean or simply delete some programs, downloads and other unnecessary files will be a good way to solve it.

#4 Too Many Add-ons in Your Browser

It’s no doubt that browser extensions will be helpful to make the most of your browsing experience. However, they can be the culprit that slows down your PC by consuming processing power. Even some extensions are claimed to be not doing so, there are still many of them that slow down you PC by downloading pop-up ads and ads.

#5 Running Too Many Programs at the Same Time

It’s a good thing that we can use our computer to do everything at the same point. However, it is possible that our computer is getting slow as we try to open multiple programs at once. Even when you have such big RAM, it can still affect the performance of your computer.

At this point, you can check out your PC’s Task Manager (for Windows) or Activity Monitor (for Mac) to see which programs are running right now and then close the one you don’t need.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you find that your computer seems to work slowly, you can check out whether you do some of the things above. If you face some of the things that slow down your computer like the list above, fix them right away for better PC performance.

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