Slow Internet Speed? Use These Smart Ways to Boost Your Internet Speed Today

Do you have a problem with slow internet speed? Don’t worry! There are actually some ways that you can do to tackle the problems. Here, we are going to tell you a few ways that you can do to improve your internet speed. So, check this out!

How to Test Your Internet Speed

Before we learn about the ways to boost your internet speed, it is important for you to know your current internet speed. This information will allow you to learn whether or not you get a lower speed rate than you should be.

There are several free software and online programs that you can use to run a test. You can try to find it on your browsers and then download it to test your internet speed.

How to Boost Your Internet Speed

Now, it’s time for the real thing! The first thing to remember is that some internet companies may advertise great speeds theoretically, but in reality you won’t get as the ads claimed. For this reason, you can call or email your Internet Service Provider (ISP) whether it is possible or not to have better speed in your area.

In addition, here are a few ways that you can do to improve your internet speed.

1. Change your modem or router

One of the biggest reasons your internet get slowed down is because of a bad router or modem. You may blame your ISP for the slow connection, but there is possibility that the problem is actually on your router or modem. As a result, it will be a good idea to test a different router or modem. But remember to choose a modem that suits your internet plan too.

2. Scan for viruses

Next, you should make sure that there is no virus that causes your internet connection to slow down. Occasionally viruses can infect your computer and then such resources away that cause slow internet speed.

To avoid this problem, you should consider scanning for viruses in daily basis. For sure, you need to choose anti-virus software that can do thorough examination so that it can be accurate on scanning and taking care of the viruses.

3. Check your filters

Another one of the ways to boost your internet speed is by checking your filters especially if your internet is connected to phone line. In this case, the phone line is also connected to telephone that make you need to install filters.

To make sure you get better internet speed, choose a good quality filter and then attached it on the phone line. It will be helpful to filter disturbance that may slow down your connection.

4. Check for external interference

There is no doubt that most of you must have a sound system, an iPad or iPhone or any other electronic device. If those electronic devices are location in the modem area, it is better for you to check whether the devices cause electromagnetic interference. In this case, you can try to move speakers and other electronic devices away from your modem space.

5. Update firmware and software in regular basis

Believe it or not, your modem or router basically has its own software that you have to update in regular basis. You can simply login to the modem and then follow your brand’s manual or instructions for update.

Moreover, you may think of updating your operating system’s version as well since frequently wireless settings become less well-suited over time.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, you have known some of the best ways to boost your internet speed. Now, it’s time for you to practice these strategies and get the most of your internet connection. Good luck!

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