PC User, These Are the 5 Worst Computer Virus Ever You Must Know

It’s no secret that our computer is on risk of infected by various kinds of virus. Some viruses may not give such big effect to our computer’s productivity while some others are just so dangerous and destructive that can even make people lose billions of dollars. Then, what is the worst computer virus ever?

Top 5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever 

Virus is actually a software or program which can be spread through many ways within one computer to another. And here are the top 5 most dangerous ones that you better know.

#1 Melissa

This virus actually came into existence long ago in 1999 when David L Smith created this deadly virus. Melissa is a kind of virus which injects our computer through email. In this case, the virus comes with a label “list.doc”.

When you get the email and click on the attachment, the virus will automatically replicates and spreads all the way through the infected computer. Basically, the virus is likely to block server mails as well as corporate mails.


Developed by Reonel Ramones and Onel De Guzman, ILOVEYOU is another deadly virus that exploded and infected so many computers around the world. Similar with Melissa, this virus also spreads through email.

In this case, the virus comes as an email with “Love-Letter-for-You.txt” attachment. ILOVEYOU has a potential to make numerous PCs around the world crashed.

#3 Code Red 

Another worst computer virus ever is the Code Red which spreads in 2001. This virus was found to affect computers that use Windows NT and Windows 2000. At that time, this virus mostly attacked the White House and make number of computers buffer and resulting overloading at the end.

#4 Cryptolocker

This virus is considered new compared to the other three before. Cryptolocker is actually a famous ransomware trojan that infected Microsoft Windows. The virus also spreads via emails and it is regarded as the first ransomware trojan.

The method used by this virus is quite unique since it is hard to crack. Once your computer becomes its victim, you need to pay for $500 in Bitcoin or prepaid cash for your computer to be unlocked.

#5 Pikachu

This is a kind of email worm and is spread via email too. It comes with a file labeled “Pikachu.Pokemon.exe”. When the virus is installed successfully in your computer, it will run and then overwrite all the files you have to AUTOEXEC.BAT which comes with a pack of instructions and delete any kind of files available on your Windows and Windows directory.

Tips to Protect Your Computer from Virus

Now, what should we do to protect our computer from this kind of virus? Here are some of the tips that you can perform to protect your PC.
Keep your software updated.
Utilize updated antivirus program on your computer.
Never click on any unknown email especially those in spam.
Always use the Windows Firewall.
Use a strong secret word for any of your online account.

That’s all some of the worst computer virus ever and several tips to protect your computer from this kind of virus. Hope you enjoy it!

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