Best Kept Secret Internet Tricks That You Didn’t Know About

You may know about so many technology tricks out there. However, are you confident that you have known various secret internet tips? If no, below you can learn about several cool internet tricks and tips that help you to increase your productivity when using internet. So, check this out!

Top Secret Internet Tricks That You Didn’t Know

Now, let’s us introduce you to some of the coolest internet tricks that will not only be amusing but also very helpful. Let’s go!

1. Open last closed tab

Have you ever felt disappointed because you forget to close a browser tab that is actually still needed? Well, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is pressing Ctrl plus Shift and T in order to open up your previous closed tab. It works in Firefox and Chrome.

2. Reverse image search

Do you want to reverse your image search result directly on the browser? It’s not impossible for you since you can simply hold S on your keyboard and do right click on the image that you want to reverse. This cool trick at least works in Chrome.

3. Change your browser into notepad

If you need something new on using your notepad, there is a way. Well, you can simply turn your browser into a notepad by performing certain code to your URL bar. You can get the code in the internet and then copy and paste it in your URL bar to try this one of secret internet tricks.

4. Open private browser window

Private or incognito browsing will not show up your browsing history. It is useful for some cases including minimize trash of your history and cookies. To open an incognito browser, you can simply press Command/Ctrl + Shift and P. It works in Firefox and Opera.

5. Turn of auto-play video

Auto-play video is sometimes so disturbing since you don’t actually want to play it but it keeps to shows up. If you want to kill the auto-play video especially on your Facebook page, simply head to the settings and select “Off” on the left tool bar in your video setting.

6. Play a retro game

Do you need to get refreshed when surfing on the internet? Then, head to Google Images and type “Atari Breakout” on the search box. Enter and see a retro video game that you can play right away. Play and enjoy!

7. Play an arcade game

If you are into arcade game instead of such retro or classic game, you can try this trick to turn your Google search window into an arcade game. Simply search for “zerg rush”. After that, you will see such invasion of “O” floating around your screen. Try to seize the “O” as numerous as you are capable of.

Final Thoughts

Those are several coolest internet tricks that you can try in your browser. Some of the tricks work in all platforms but some of them may only work in certain browsers only. So, what are you waiting for? Try and enjoy these secret internet tricks now!

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